A message from the Programme Director…

With diagnoses of type 1 diabetes in Europe on the rise, healthcare professionals face increasing challenges in the prevention and management of paediatric diabetes as well as keeping on top of the latest research.

In partnership with Springer Healthcare IME, I am delighted to present this European-wide set of independent educational activities, which have been developed to provide healthcare professionals with improved knowledge and tools on the diagnosis, management and possible prevention of the condition, also covering both the acute and chronic complications.

This programme is of keen interest to paediatricians, diabetologists, general practitioners and specialist nurses who are involved in the day-to-day management of the disease.

I will be coordinating this programme in collaboration with an international expert faculty to present an engaging and thought-leading content.

We hope that you find the materials useful for your clinical practice, and that it will help further your understanding of the management and monitoring of paediatric and adolescent diabetes.

Professor Francesco Chiarelli
University of Chieti, Italy

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Independent Medical Education provider

Springer Healthcare IME is part of Springer Healthcare Ltd., which is part of the Springer Nature group. The IME business unit develops independent medical education resources, events and expert-led content through sponsorship from grant providers.

Educational grant

This programme is made possible thanks to an independent educational grant from Novo Nordisk A/S.